5 ways to read more

5 ways to read more

As an avid reader I’m always in search of the next best thing. The next best book available, etc.
I also try to incorporate more reading into my daily life. But what to do to read more? Here are five things you can do:

1. Read in the morning

Right after waking up is one of the best times to read a book. Your mind is fresh and the relaxation that comes from a good night’s sleep helps you to get into a story quickly. It’s also one of the best times of the day as well; who doesn’t like waking up with the sun?

2. Read more digital books

Digital reading has taken off. And with it, the market for ebooks has grown. There are now millions of books available on ebook services like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Ebook reading is so easy. Just find a book you want to read and download it directly to an ereader device instantly.
One of the reasons you end up reading more with ebooks is the relative easiness in which you acquire books. Instead of waiting for a book to come in the mail, or waiting in line to pay for a paperback at a bookstore everything is delivered wirelessly to you.

3. Listen to audiobooks

Audiobooks! When you’re jogging, when you’re in bed, when it’s time to get to work, and even on the ride home from work. Audiobooks are the way to go. They’re quick to download and easy to add to your routine if you want to read more. There are hours during the day that can be used to read a good book. Why not give it a shot by listening to a new story? Audiobooks are great for readers that don’t like reading in print. Try it.

4. Invest in an ereader

One of the reasons why ereaders are so popular is because they’re glare free and provide the perfect reading experience for anyone in love with reading. If you like hoarding books, but the weight and bulkiness is a turn off, then reading on an ereading device can quickly become your preferred method of reading. And with being able to read a story quickly and take it with you without weighing you down gives you something else: The ability to read anywhere, at any time, and even when you’re abroad. That’s why investing in an ebook reader is such a good idea. Being able to read anybook you want quickly allows you to read much more than reading a hard copy.

5. Read multiple books at once

Finally, you don’t have to limit yourself to reading only one book at a time. Consider reading multiple books at once. If you hit a very boring piece, read another book! This kind of rotation keeps you sharp and adds more reading time. Consider reading this way. It’s how many people are able to read as many books as they do. They read multiple at once.

And that concludes my five tips on reading more. I hope you enjoyed!
Good luck!

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